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ralplus architecture

A fusion of identity and expectations .

Explore our pioneering architectural projects and see how ideas become spectacular reality.

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    Our services


    Comprehensive solution for building design and construction needs, providing specialized consultations and innovative designs that perfectly meet clients' requirements.


    We use art and science for creating functional, attractive, and sustainable spaces that enhance the quality of life for residents and visitors alike.

    Interior Design

    Transforming spaces into personalized havens that blend functionality with aesthetic appeal, tailored to reflect individual tastes and lifestyles.

    3D & Animation

    Creating immersive visual experiences through cutting-edge technology, bringing ideas to life with stunning realism and dynamic movement.

    BIM Solutions

    Streamlining the building design and construction process through advanced Building Information Modeling technology, optimizing collaboration and efficiency across all project stages.


    Delivering comprehensive Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) solutions tailored to project specifications, ensuring efficient and sustainable building systems integration.


    Detailed and precise technical drawings created for construction purposes, providing contractors with clear instructions and specifications for executing building projects accurately and efficiently.


    Providing expert engineering solutions for structural design and analysis, ensuring the integrity, safety, and functionality of buildings and infrastructure projects.

    About us


    RAL plus is a leading architectural and engineering design firm. It was established in 2013, where it adds its splendid artistic touch to every project.
    We take pride in executing nearly 426 commercial and residential projects, conducting 12 research studies, participating in 25 competitions, offering 16 courses, and servicing 120 clients, in addition to owning two main headquarters, reflecting our distinction and the trust bestowed upon us by our clients.
    RAL Plus team is a specialized architects who always strives to achieve the highest standards of quality and innovation in every design we offer, whether locally or internationally.
    RAL was founded with a clear vision of achieving boundless creativity, hence the choice of the abbreviation 'RAL', which stands for 'roof architecture lab', symbolizing our belief in limitless creativity. We believe that evolution never ceases, which is why we chose 'Plus' to reflect the spirit of innovation and continuous development in our work.

    Recent Projects

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