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We believe that condensing the content and the form of a design into its bare essentials, reveals the true essence of architecture.

Project type




Assigned by

RAL Plus


Dammam, KSA


350 m



The building form has been reduced to his most minimal expression, interference between a cube with a geometric frame and a smaller cut cube overlooking the landscape.

Focusing on clean lines while keeping the entire existing concrete structure clean aesthetic free from fussy exterior details.

Harmony between structure and nature was a must hence the landscape was formed as layers to serve the function of the building and to reflect its form into the layout.

Two main zones were formed an open space area to give a freedom for movement and a pool area for seating and relaxation separated visually by the main entrance axis.

Architecture is, by nature, unexpected and inventive. This inclination to relinquish the norm drives this style more than any specific visual-trait, and one of the main techniques it bucks tradition is by amalgamating unique materials into the construction such as Cured Concrete, wood, natural marble, glass, steel, and natural stone.

Master Plan Layout

First Floor Plan

Second Floor Plan

Main Cross Section

Secondary Cross section

Main Longitudinal Section

Secondary Longitudinal Section

The real challenge was throughout achieving the main function of the building represented by the triangle its three sides are, ventilation and natural lighting as an essential component for comfort in the building, orientation and the view of the landscape as an essential factor for visual comfort, and the privacy to separate the family of the house from the frequent guests.