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In "RAL" The intention of urban design is to create a complete community where people want to live, work and play. Urban design reflects a desire for improved social well-being and an economically and environmentally sustainable community.


Mr Meshaal

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Urban Design




Saudi Arabia

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RAL Plus


Cairo, Egypt

Currently, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Ministry of Agriculture is assisting landlords in improving agriculture and environmental awareness by allocating a portion of their farms to the development of rural tourism. Hand in hand with the Ministry, they started to build housing units and motels on the farms that attract tourists to their activities, which include fruit picking, animal watching, horse riding, and other events, programs, and activities offered in these parks, including the one we are showing you now, Mesha’al Park.
Mesha’al Park, a 35000 m2 site located in Hafr Elbaten, which is a Saudi city in the Eastern Province, It is located 430 km north of Riyadh, 94.2 km from the Kuwait border, and about 74.3 km from the Iraq border. The location gives the park a major role in agricultural tourism in Saudi Arabia.
It is interesting for the tourist to visit a farm (list) to enjoy a number of activities related to agricultural activity and rural life, as these farms seek to be one of the rural agricultural tourism initiatives that are employed to serve the community, to enrich the local tourism experience and create elements for entertainment, fun, and education, and to enable farmers to develop programmed and tourism products, services, and activities on their farms. and working on future plans to develop farms and expand the addition of new products while maintaining excellence and quality and diversifying their sources of income to ensure their sustainability.


the initial zoning aims to create various activates that has its own privacy but also connects indirectly with each other. These zones are gathered with the main circulation axis that have its weight between zones


Every zone has its own fragmented green spaces connected with the other areas.
to create a cohesive identity at various levels, resulting in a green framework for both public and private use, giving the park a feeling of continuity and unity.


Garden activities are graded from the general to the private to the most private zone. It starts with a welcome area and a city of games for children, offset by a training area for horse riding. Then it leads to an area for rest and contemplation, with restaurant services and the main cafeteria of the garden. Next is the chalet area, which contains two types of chalets with an area of 100 square meters and 150 square meters that suit any number of visitors and allow them to spend nights enjoying nature and immersion in it.
The garden ends with the main objective of the project, which is the garden of diversified crops that depend on organic crops and are formed in the shape of a radiant circle, as if conveying the idea that agriculture is the basis on which man is based, and it is the basic idea of agricultural tourism projects.


The visual experience is fully harmonized with people’s kinetic experience, resulting in a shared space pathway like the coronary artery. where pedestrians and cyclists share the paved outdoor area making an effective space where people can relax, take a walk.


Geometric lines are not enough to design a space, but we must take into account the human scale and the sensory aspect, here we can create visually and functionally comfortable public spaces

Urban design defines the nature of buildings, the spaces between them, and the activities that take place in these spaces.


The main idea of the project relied on creating spaces of a modern and unique character and
giving a sense of vitality while adhering to the design and technical standards through making some harmony to give a sense of warmth inside the spaces.

First life, then spaces, then buildings – the other way around never works.
Jan Gehl

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